Abecedarian (a-be-ce-da’-ri-an): An acrostic whose letters do not spell a word but follow the order (more or less) of the alphabet.

A big cloud descended everywhere, fiendishly generating hexamethylenetetramine onto jurisdictions, kens, locations, municipalities, nooks, oceans, ponds–quickly ruining sausages, tacos, upma, vanilla wafers, yams, zucchinis–all set out on a long table to celebrate Abraham Washington’s birthday.

Soon, everything will go up in flames and the world will end. I wish Pruitt had listened to the real environmentalists’ advice. Instead, he flew first class to the South Pole “where it is too cold for fire.” He’s an idiot. He has killed us all.

However, there may be hope yet! Jeff Sessions says he can “arrest” the fire with a “handful” of dedicated, brave and sober Federal Marshals.

Oh well, he may as well be at the South Pole with Pruitt.

Sad to say, it’s over.

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Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (rhetoric.byu.edu)

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