Astrothesia (as-tro-the’-si-a): A vivid description of stars. One type of enargia.

Every summer up in Maine, at least once, I stay up very late to stand out on the Point–waves crashing (sometimes not), warm wind blowing (sometimes not), stars starring the starry night. For 60 years, like some kind of bird hard-wired to go north, I go north. As a child I went with my parents and my sister, and later, as we grew, with our new brother and our new sister.

Again and again I have gone–through adolescence, into adulthood, after high school, after the war, after college, after all. The memories overlay every inch of Maine’s summer places.

And here I am again, a sort of old man, standing out on the Point with my wife and my daughter. It is dark. It is a deep dark dark night.  I look up again into the night sky and the stars–the billion bright stars–draw me into their presence, and I feel like an angel.

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Definition courtesy of “Silva Rhetoricae” (

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